Russell Stedman – 325productions UK

Working with Greg on set was one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. He was charming to the client, lighthearted, hilarious, and always professional.

Greg takes direction extremely well and has an incredible talent for improvisation. The combination of his dry humour, genuine warmth and flawless performance has been commented on many times as making the video we created truly engaging.

I look forward to any opportunity to work with Greg again in the future.

Russell Stedman – Creative Producer

Steve Bustin – UK Speaker of the Year 2015

In my line of work, I see a lot of comperes and event MCs hosting events and, to be honest, many of them are terrible.

In all my years as a speaker I’ve only come across one or two who have a natural talent for taking on the tricky and complex role of MC – and Greg Draven is one of them.

Balancing gravitas and professionalism with great charm, wit and stage presence, Greg makes it look effortless and easily carries an audience with him.

Steve Bustin

Ashwin Mohan – Director & Writer – Squirm

The very first time I saw Greg, I knew for a fact that I’d never met any like him before. His distinct appearance coupled with the incredibly positive aura he carries around makes him one of the most fascinating people I’ve come across in my life.

I worked with Greg on a short film. That’s when I discovered the chameleon in him.

Greg has this unique ability to be insanely enthusiastic and cheerful on set, but when the camera’s roll, he can transform into anything the role demands from him.
Blending effortlessly into a role is the mark of a skilled actor – It came as no surprise that in the end, viewers loved his character the most.

Ashwin Mohan

Click here or the picture below to watch Squirm.

Sonny Cutting – Director – Network Express

[At my Eastbourne event] I was short of a compere. Greg stepped in and took over the show without hesitation. It was a chance to ask someone that you’ve never heard speak before to be a compere for your first ever event in Eastbourne, but sometimes you just roll with it and this was one of those moments.

Greg entertained the guests whilst being professional and fun and was able to put them at rest with joviality and laughs.

Nothing could have been more perfect as everyone had a great time at the event, and Greg ensured that everyone got involved and had a great laugh.

Sonny Cutting